User Research: Physical Therapy

User Research, WS1112

We made our user research in the medical sector as it seemed to us being an unexplored field referring to new technologies. Our interviews took place in a doctor´s office of a physiotherapist in Munich-Aubing called “Physioforsoul”, it is a smaller one which helps primarily older people on their road to recovery and physical improvement.

Antonia Kollmann, the head of the doctor´s office invited us to a round tour through her office and showed us the treatment rooms and the equipment used for the physiotherapy.

Besides physiotherapy also manual therapy, lymph drainage, massage and special treatment is offered at “Physioforsoul”.


The fields of application are stress/hecticness, tension and burden of any kind.

Antonia and her colleague Lotte Groeneweg both tell us that the hands are their most important instruments in their job. They are very enthusiastic about their profession.

It is the fact of helping the people with their physical problems and seeing them getting healthy what makes them come to fulfilment.

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