User Research: Clinic laboratory or taxi drivers?

User Research, WS1112
Our main idea was to go to hospital for doing our field study, but it was quite difficult to get a permission. Before the initial presentation our research request was still unconfirmed.
Being afraid of not getting our permission in time we prepared another target group, taxi drivers, as plan B.

Day 1
Still not having any confirmation from the hospital on Monday we decided to research the taxi drivers target group at the Central Station and Stachus. We interviewed six taxi drivers and learned much about their daily routine and their problems. Ironically, just after having finished our field study we received a positive answer from the hospital.

Day 2
On the second day, we went to the laboratory of the Schön Klinikum in Harlaching, where we spent a whole day from 8am to 4pm with three friendly medical technical assistants and experienced their workaday life. So we got an overview of what they do with human blood and with which complexity it is connected. To examine blood or to prepare blood for operations a lot of machines are used.

It was very difficult for us to decide which topic to take, because we had ideas for both. Equipped with tons of written, visual and audible material we are looking forward to learn Kalle’s methods to analyze it.

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