User Research: Firefighters

User Research, WS1112

Firefighters play an important role in our society. Despite common belief, they not only deal with fighing fire, but are also called in the event of environmental catastrophes and medical emergencies. We spent the last two days visiting two fire stations in Munich.

Day 1

On Monday, we visited fire station 7 of the professional fire brigade in Moosach, which covers the area of Milbertshofen. Here, Thomas Hüller and Dieter Seidl gave us an extensive overview over duties and every day life at a fire station. We had the chance to watch a fire drill of the crew and were able to take a close look at used technology and specially equipped vehicles.


Day 2

We were invited to the main fire station of Munich by chief press officer Matthias Ott on Tuesday. In a friendly conversation, he told us what future may look like by showing us recent technological research in the field of catastrophe management. His colleague, Anton Schrödl, answered questions about problems in coordination and management of machinery and troops in action.


We were strongly impressed by their open and friendly support and already have many ideas about concepts based on the gathered information.

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