User Research: Kindergartens

User Research, WS1112

Foto...Once we had decided to do our research within the field of social work it became clear, that kindergardens would be a rather interesting area to look for new development ideas.
This branch of profession is often neglected when it comes to technological advancement.

So we went out to do our interviews within the first two days. Our goal was to get to know about the daily work in a kindergarten and to achieve some insight into the communication, both within the institutions as well as between the employees and the parents or other persons involved.

We interviewed two kindergarten workers/teachers and one administrative authority, so we could gather information from two different points of view.

All the interviews went very well and we are exited to see, what conclusions we will come off with after evaluating what we have got now after these first two days.

Thanks to our interview partners for their detailed descriptions and helpful information!


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