User Research: Landscaper

User Research, WS1112

It‘s always the gardener! Following this principle we have picked landscaper for our user research – and it was a lucky choice! The first two days were both very interesting and informative: Our interview partners talked all very enthusiastic about their jobs.

The last 20 years have already brought many technical improvements for landscaper, making their work more pleasant and ergonomic. Yet it will always remain a handwork being quite physically demanding and can therefore lead to typical occupational diseases like back and knee complaints. In the view of our interview partners this aspect won’t change in the near future since many operations will always have to be man-made.

When it comes to the communication with constituents they often face misunderstandings, resulting from imprecise plans or vague arrangements. Especially in this area we see opportunities to achieve progress.


We thank our interview partners for their friendly cooperation and for bringing up the words of the day:

Day 1: “Wurzelstockfräser”
Day 2: “Alphatier-Kleingärtner”

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