User Research: SchlaU-School

User Research, WS1112

Interview 3, Team 9Brainstorming for suitable fields of research, we soon came up with the idea of interviewing teachers. We had a personal contact to a teacher working at “SchlaU-Schule”, a school for fugitive youth that don’t have parents – at least not with them in Munich. It appeared to be particularly interesting to us to examine the working conditions, workflows and challenges of a school that highly depends on the ambitions and good will of the people involved. Although being supported by the government, the school itself is private and it’s funding widely based on donations. We were lucky enough to get a chance to interview the two deputy-heads and a math teacher. All of them took their sparse time to allow us to get into interesting and intense interviews, or rather guided conversation. As we can deduct from our interviews so far the main problems lie in the areas of organization and communication. At the moment those problems can still be handled, but when the school is going to expand to double the size of today in september, they will become more immanent.Interview 3, Team 9Interview 1, Team 9

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  1. hi. I was wondering if you would be ok with me using one of your images in a presentation I’m giving. The presentation is on research methods.

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