User Research: Teachers

User Research, WS1112

After we became acquainted with the bad habits of our stressed teachers for several years, we decided that they would be our target group.

Our first one took us to the Bertolt-Brecht-Gymnasium in Pasing. Asking an old-established teacher for math and physics about his every day’s work, we got to know the other perspective of school life. This way, we got insight how exhausting this job can get.

The next station was the Dante-Gymnasium, where we first interviewed a teacher for English, history and social studies and afterwards another one for biology and chemistry.

All of them revealed a pretty old-school way of teaching, either because new medias don’t work as expected or because they just don’t find it very effective.

In contrast, our last interview partner (Klenze-Gymnasium)  stood out: she uses a smart whiteboard in her every day’s class.

In conclusion, we think we found a nice mix of teachers, which should be a good fundament to develop a useful concept.

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