User Research: Trainer

User Research, WS1112

During the first days of our practical internship “concept development” at the LMU in Munich, we decided to start our user research in the social sector focusing on amateur coaches.

Their tools for organizational and administrative purposes – compared to tools in professional leagues – are still dominated by simple and rudimentary equipment as in magnetic boards, excel sheets and notebooks: Giving us the opportunity of exploring a great area of innovation space. Fortunately, two football coaches and one volleyball coach were found quickly and appointments were arranged.

After setting up our question sheets which lead us through the semi-structured interview we were excited to do our research in the field which lead us to very interesting insights at the end of the first two days.

Our first thoughts met our expectations. All trainers wish to handle or retrieve their information (tactic, training methods, player information, opponent information) in a more structured centralized way or present them in an attractive environment. Either for them selves for future scenarios or to give their trainees better insight in gameplay etc.

We are now looking forward to evaluating our findings in the following days and are curious to see how we will evolve and which ideas we will come up with.

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