Research – Medical Domain

User Research, WS1112

In the sphere of the medical domain, there is a plethora of people interacting with each other. The aim of ‘Group 2’ is to investigate the involved parties and to work out suitable interface concepts in order to facilitate their work. We achieve this by researches of various subdomains. Therefore we were provided an insight into the work of a geriatric nurse, of an assistant who’s educated in technical anesthesia and of a pediatrician.

Even if many tasks within the strictly ordered working process are handled with the aid of already well-established electronic devices, the pervasive opinion is notable that the work with the computer to register all the patients’ information is very time-consuming. The consequence is that there might be restrictions with the patients’ treatment from a psychological point of view or it leads to extra hours.

As facilitators we extract from these researches the necessity to simplify the daily routine of the digital data acquisition and communication, respectively.

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