Scouting the Concept

Concept, WS1112

During the second day of the course, our group was confronted with a couple of tasks. These two days were really intensive and very productive for our group. Our first brainstorming resulted in a cluster of post-its that needed to be structured.
We completed an Affinity Diagram and accomplished the Task Analysis. The task analysis revealed that the scouting activity – next to internal communication with club members – is one of the main problems for trainers to be solved. Quantifying edges in the Affinity Diagram independently we came to the point that our potential customers need is an application that eases the acquisition of information about opponent teams. According to our approach, scouting can be solved by a larger group of people by using new technologies (tablet computers) in a strong simplified manner. Additionally, the whole scouting process has to be  less time consuming and cheaper for more people to be potential scouters.

On the following day we reflected the scenarios and created a storyboard. First of all we mapped out each step, details, ideas and suggestions. Then – on the base of this gathering – we clustered our findings and distinguished crucial steps which brought us to a valid use case scenario. This gave us all an easy way to create our on sketches which we merged to a final storyboard in our final step.

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