MARS – Monitoring And Response Support

Concept, WS1112

Day 3

Having gathered plenty of input from our visits to two fire stations, we created an affinity diagram and swim lane diagram in the process of task analysis in order to evaluate our ideas and thoughts.

Day 4

Our findings from day 3 formed the basis for further development of our concept. We deal with monitoring and response to improve information flow between all instances involved in the process of firefighting. We can offer a high standard in safety by transmitting data gathered by sensors, which are deployed on the firefighters’ uniforms, to a tablet computer held by the officer in charge. Using MARS (Monitoring And Response Support) the officer can react in an appropriate way, e.g. request replacements for injured troops, immediately. Further applications include the management of resources and maintaining supplies.

Day 5

Today we presented our concept in front of the other students as well as a selected group of professionals from companies like Google and designaffairs. We used their feedback to refine our concept and are looking forward to the video prototyping next week.

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