Concept: EasyExam

Concept, WS1112

After collecting a lot of information in the interviews, we started to order them by four topics: problems, tasks, actors and devices.

With this newfound overview, we were able to develop an affinity diagram and realized that there are several areas in a teacher’s day that could use an improvement.

In our user research, all interview partners mentioned their problems with organization (each of them complained about the morning crowd in front of the copier!), which brought us the idea of our concept:

EasyExam helps teachers to prepare their exams right on their tablet, offering templates to build new tests. The students have tablets too, so there is no more need of doing any print or copy work early in the morning.

Everything the teacher got to do is taking a seat, the tablet does the rest. It registers all students coming into the class for the exam and the teacher starts and ends it with his tablet.

With many possible security features (face/handwriting recognition, intelligent exam grouping etc.) our system becomes cheating-safe.

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