Concept: Kindergartens

Concept, WS1112

Once we had conducted all the different interviews, we proceeded by collecting the different information using the affinity diagram as outlined by a guest lecturer from Google. This helped us clarifying our thoughts and come up with several meaningful categories for the chunks of information.

We then discussed in the group which of the discovered problem areas provided the best opportunity for a significant improvement. In the end we settled on supporting the kindergarten teachers during their daily organizational tasks. This includes the centralized collection of important data, simplified access by different kindergarten teachers and adding reminders for time critical tasks.
To validate our first draft of the concept, we picked out one probable and exemplary scenario. The visualization was done by setting up a swim lane diagram.

After the first sketch of the scenario our idea was further refined by splitting the interactions into different tasks. These were grouped into six different keyframes which served as the basis for our storyboard.

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