Concept: MedMate

Concept, WS1112

Affinity Diagram

After thorough evaluation of our interview transcripts, we proceeded by following the steps provided by a guest lecturer from Google to create an affinity diagram to help us with our further proceedings.

We started out by having everyone in our group post the most important information extracted from our interview transcripts to a wall, already considering categorizing the information into single groups.

Ward Round Scenario

Ward Round Scenario

Having then analyzed our interviewees’ main tasks within their professional lives in order to gain a more profound understanding of what features our device will have to be able to provide, we came up with an idea of a tablet device to help hospital’s staff members and doctors with their daily work. This tablet is wirelessly connected to the hospital’s server, on which all information about all patients is being stored. With this device, one can edit data through speech or keyboard input. Furthermore, the user’s identification as well as their current location can always be recognized through an integrated NFC-Chip.

We then visualized our concept by providing drafts of a possible scenario where our product might come in handy.

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