User Research: At customs

User Research, WS1213

As a result of our first little brainstorming, we from team 5 decided to explore the outdoor sector. One of the first ideas coming to our minds was the Airport Munich, due to not only various kinds of sometimes sensitive technologies, but also different sections like the flight safety or the customs interacting or having to interact with each other and people from all over the world – always a potential hazard when thinking of their communication or varying hardware.

Day 1
After the morning session we went to the central customs office in central Munich where we got a quick little introduction into the different departments and exact tasks of the customs. The interviews were arranged for Thursday and especially Friday.

Day 2
We used this day to do some further researches for our appointment on the following day and for some semi-structured telephone interviews.

ImageDay 3
For this day we were lucky to get an appointment with an official from the customs at the Airport Munich who showed us the customs area at the airport and how they work there. By watching them work and interviewing two more customs officials we gained our main ideas and information which we hope to analyze further on Monday.

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