User Research: Hospital

User Research, WS1213

jonas#1We focused our research on the medical sector due to the sheer amount of possibilities for technical innovation. We could win a principal consultant, two doctors in their practical year, a nurse and a student of medicine as our interviewees.

Our first interview partner was the nurse, who works for a health care service provider and from whom we learned how challenging and stressful this profession is.

Additionally we were allowed to spend a whole day in the Schreiber Klinik with one of the doctors who serves his practical year. We gained a lot of information about their routines thanks to this “Day in a life” observation. Furthermore we got an overview of the interaction and communication between the doctors, the nurses and the patients. In several interviews we were able to recognize and extract a plethora of potential improvement.

Our next step will be structuring and analysing the collected data.

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