User Research: Medical Services and R&D

User Research, WS1213


We picked medical because it seems an important field of study. Due to the increasing complexity of medical tools we expected to find lots of possibilities for improvement. For our research we picked several interview partners from different domains: a nurse and a Coordinator working in clinical studies of new medicines and stents at a hospital, a programmer developing tools for the physiotherapy of children recovering from heart surgery and a surgeon who has worked in several hospitals and as emergency medic.

They provided us with lots of input over a wide range of topics. One key aspect we found was the lack of data availability due to incompatibility of data formats and software. While this is time-consuming and unnecessary, it can become critical in situations where speed is mandatory, like in the emergency department. Improving the workflow would help reduce the stress level of the medical staff which in could lead to better performance and lower rate of errors.

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