User Research “on the house”

User Research, WS1213

Keeping a bar can be very demanding job: mixing various drinks with tons of different ingredients in a short period of time, keeping an overview over the inventory, calculating bills in your head and always maintaining a polite smile on your face even if dealing with customers that show arguable manners.

Interview OnlyLoungeOur goal is to improve the everyday working life of bartenders. In order to discover potentials or obstructions we ran five interviews with bartenders of different locations in Munich. Although we haven’t given our data an in-depth analysis yet, we already found some interesting mutualities like the advantages and disadvantages of electronic payment-systems or the difficulty to keep track of ingredients and other resources like decorations or glassware. In addition to that, hindered communication between bartender colleagues in naturally very noisy environments and under pressure seems to complicate their working routine.

We are looking forward to next week, where we begin sorting and interpreting our gained information, as well as developing a raw concept.

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