User Research: Restaurants

User Research, WS1213

How to combine a field study with pleasure? Go where you can sit, eat, drink and ask your questions at the same time! But seriously, we thought interviewing all the different people working at different restaurants in different positions was a great idea – and we have not been disappointed.group9

We spoke to several Managers, waiters and chefs to learn about their daily routine in the business. Our goal was to look at the restaurant as a whole and to hereby identify problems that all of the aforementioned user groups might share.

Thus we focused heavily on observing communication between employees, management and customers. Secondly, we tried to get a feeling for the challenges that working in the food industry presents and last, we analyzed the computer systems that were already in place.

Wherever we went to conduct our interviews we met very enthusiastic people that were happy to share their passion for food and service with us, but did not hesitate to speak about problems either. We are looking forward to sort the gathered data and develop ideas based upon it. Surely we have got a lot to work with out of this three day period.

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