User Research: Outdoor/Taxi

User Research, WS1213

The first phase of the concept development workshop is over: user research. We decided to study the target group of taxi drivers and people who work in a taxi dispatch centre.

Day 1

We’ve been to Taxi München eG, the largest taxi dispatch centre in Europe. There are about 3000 taxis working for Taxi München eG. We could interview a woman of the customer service. Thanks to her, we now do know nearly everything about the system. Our group was quite impressed by the high technical level with which all the taxi orders in Munich are handled.

Day 2

On our second day we were interested in the point of view of the taxi drivers themselves. We just asked some taxi drivers in the Amalienstraße if we could ask them some questions. Luckily some of them had a pause and were willing to answer our questions.

The interviews with the drivers were really exciting, surprising and even funny. We are looking forward to analyze all our collected data next week!

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