The Smart Menu Card


IMG_2688After evaluating our interviews we found out, that most of the people who go to a restaurant set great value upon good customer service, high quality of the food and most importantly they don’t want any technology in the dining area but additional information on the origin of the food.

As a result we came up with the concept of an electronic menu card.

True to the motto “Using the right technology right” we want to introduce a dynamic E-ink menu, which looks exactly like a traditional menu card but can show the customer new updates on new dishes right away. Furthermore you can get information on the origin of the ingredients, which ensures more transparency for the guest.

He can even leave a comment on how he liked it in the restaurant on that menu, giving him a possibility to provide honest feedback anonymously. In addition we thought of a notification alert, which comes up whenever the guest closes the menu. The central register will then show, which table is ready to place an order.

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