Concept: PIM

Concept, WS1213

Our research showed us that the lack of time and high stress level are a huge problem in hospitals and other medical institutions. Thus, we decided to develop a tool which would make it unnecessary for nurses to perform standard tasks such as measuring the blood pressure or pulse and making notes both on paper and on the computer. At the same time, patients often don’t know what is going on and what will happen next.

Affinity DiagramWe came up with a watch for the patient that, first of all, provides functionality for either measuring values directly (e.g. for blood sugar) or by plugging in additional devices and then automatically transferring them. It also includes a notification system informing the patient about his or her next appointment and when to take which medication.

As this doesn’t require the patient to be in stationary care, our system enables patients to return home as early as possible (in case they want to, of course) while remaining under medical observation. Thanks to an emergency button, help can still be guaranteed. This also means doctors and nurses get to have more time for those who really need their attention.

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