BarM8 – Resource Management System

Concept, WS1213

After five days of concentrated work and the efficient use of exclusive Google tools, we are glad to announce that we have developed a useful interface for Barkeepers. BarM8 (Bar-mate) is a Resource management system for larger bars and clubs. It gives the the barkeeper a holistic overview of ingredients and material. Furthermore it increases productivity, through an interruption less workflow. “Big-Bang” situations where customers can’t be served anymore can be avoided. After the barkeeper has entered the actual state of all resources, BarM8’s exclusive early waning system warns the barkeeper if ingredients will become low. Bartenders can focus on their customers, and runners know which beverages they have to fetch from the stock. BarM8 is based on a recipe database that consists of all drinks and their recipes that are served. Using the database and intelligent pre-calculation BarM8 is able to calculate the need of ingredients for the whole evening.
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