Communication System for Customs Examinations

Concept, WS1213

After reviewing the interviews and materials gathered on site and thinking of solutions for the problems our focus shifted to the one with the highest priority for customs officials – the language barrier between them and the passengers. Since the airport is a place where people of many countries come together, meeting someone who doesn’t speak German or English is inevitable.

Our solution is built upon an interactive surface, equipped with two screens connected to a database with often used questions and sentences in several languages already built in. After specifying the language the customs official can select questions which appear on the passenger’s screen. He can then answer using predefined ones or give a custom response, depending on the question. They are then translated back to the language of the official, enabling quick conversations between them.

The system runs on a computer, allowing extensions like a barcode-scanner connected to a database of goods including their prices and designated region of sale.


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