Concept Development: Restaurants

Concept, WS1213


User research has shown that one needs to carefully balance the incorporation of new technology and the preservation of existing values; the main advantage “proper” restaurants have over fast food chains and food delivery services is the fact that customers continue to enjoy the direct interaction with service personnel. Customers want to be guests; they want to be served, and they demand attention.

And thus, the Vitro system was born. “Vitro” is derived from the latin word for “glass”, implying transparency, and it stands for “VIsual Table Reservation and Ordering”. It’s a central system that provides a visualization of the restaurant’s rooms and guest placement. Vitro may be accessed from various instances – organization staff can directly query for and update reservations with an intuitive and self-explaining interface and guests planning a visit are able to check if their favourite spot is free in advance and send a reservation request using a web application, which will be confirmed by a personal call. Lastly, service personnel can use Vitro as an easy instrument to navigate the restaurant without being forced to learn the layout and table numbering.

Compared to existing solutions, Vitro helps to prevent errors in organization and cuts down on the time spent operating devices and browsing for information – thus, more time to spend on guests, and a higher satisfaction for everyone involved.

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