Concept: doc:clock

Concept, WS1213

In the last few days we evaluated the results of our research at the two dentists’ offices. After we created an affinity diagram based on the facts we gathered, we came across several problems which concern doctors and patients in common.

20130313_114056First of all there are uncertain waiting times for patients in almost every doctor’s office. The avarage time a patient is waiting for his/her treatment amounts to 27 minutes (2011 Bundesverband der Betriebskrankenkassen). Furthermore there may be time gaps as a result of cancelled appointments which interrupt the workflow of the doctor. To sum it up: time is the main issue.

Therefore we decided to develop a time saving concept improving on the one hand the doctor’s workflow and on the other hand helping the patient to arrange his appointments or leisure by giving him more precise information about his/her remaining waiting time.

The concept will be realised by a webbased platform, an app and a bracelet.

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