Concept: SORD

Concept, WS1213

ImageAfter analyzing our user-research data we identified three main problem fields: time consuming order processes, long queues and the handling of the payment.The techniques we were taught during our lectures helped us to analyze the problems in more depth, to visualize our ideas and to develop our concept step-by-step. We built our project upon the ideas we filtered out of the „Opportunity Matrix“.

Caused by the negative feedback we gained on our first presentation, we overthought the whole concept together with the project directors.

We found out that our presentation didn’t point out the benefits of our project clearly enough and caused misunderstandings among the listeners. The development of a use case scenario didn’t only help us to understand the features of our system but also to convince the audience of the project’s benefits.

Our system focuses on the service team behind the counter and solves several problems. „SORD“ (Speed/Speech Ordering) is a system to optimize the whole ordering process. It reduces errors caused by bad communication among the service team and long orders which are hard to remember. Furthermore it speeds up the customer serving process and fosters the communication between customer and service staff.


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