Priority Watch: Prio

Concept, WS1213

PrioWatchLogoThe problem our team coped with is the telecommunication behavior of the medical doctors in hospitals. The head doctor told us that his phone rings permanently and that this bugs him – especially when he’s talking to patients. On the other hand there are perfectly good reasons for people to interrupt him, for example heart alarms.

The problem’s solution is PRIO! A watch that tells you the incoming calls’ priorities by emitting a light of specific color (green, orange or red), vibrating and regulating the phone’s volume. PRIO has a wireless connection to one’s mobile phone. The calls’ priority is set by the caller by dialing a specific number-extension. The watch has two buttons for configuration purposes: one to decline the incoming call and one to cycle through the phone’s different profiles.

This enables doctors to recognize incoming calls and even decline them without the patient noticing.


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