Videoprototype, WS1213

Megu is a digital guide for patients in hospitals. It is a mobile assistant providing insights into the patient’s file and includes a navigation system as well as notifications regarding appointments. Furthermore it offers lots of information concerning diagnostics and treatment. Thanks to Megu, patients are more independent and do not need to consult the hospital’s staff for every single question they might have. As Megu translates medical terms, patients can now really understand their diagnosis. Doctors use a system based on the same set of patient’s data, however they have a different view tailored towards their professional needs, and can add new information as well as modify existing information.

After being admitted by the hospital, patients receive a tablet, on which Megu is installed, as well as a username and password to access their individual patient file. Megu guides patients during their whole stay at the hospital. The file is automatically updated each time an attendant changes or adds information. Also, Megu provides a map of the hospital preventing patients from getting lost. Megu can be used to retrieve a large amount of medical information to better understand thediagnosis. Before leaving the hospital, patients have to return the tablet and get a leaflet in return containing detailed information about the further treatment.

But the experience does not end here. Megu will offer a backchannel to access one’s data via Internet using the same username and password.  Of course, Megu will be available in several languages. Additionally, patients will be able to control lights, blinds and other devices in the patient’s room using Megu. In order to motivate patients to strictly follow the instructions regarding their therapy, Megu provides a treatment history.

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