Social Cab Videoprototype

Videoprototype, WS1213

Social Cab is an application which supports the collegiality between taxi drivers. Taxi drivers can detect nearby drivers and check their profiles. The exchange of good taxi positions will be one of the main features.

How does it work?

Taxi drivers will create profiles by adding pictures and hobbies amongst others. These profiles can be seen by friends and nearby drivers at the current location. With the information provided by the application it will be easier to get in touch with foreign drivers. Drivers are also able to post their status, for example a sad smiley when they are standing at a bad position and have to wait for a long time. The ones who get to know a really good position with a lot of people waiting can advise this position to friends.

With our solution the working atmosphere will be much more enjoyable. The social engagement will be enforced and improved. Like that, taxi drivers will have more fun at work and themselves as well as their companies can calculate with better profits.

It might be possible to transfer the solution to other occupation groups.

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