Videoprototype PIM


Based on our user research results we designed a device called “personal information manager” (PIM) providing several features which ease up the daily work of medical staff, and supports patients information status. It comes in form of a watch with a simple screen and few buttons. PIM is designed for the use in hospitals and for patients at home.

PIM provides the following functions:

  • It can measure pulse and blood pressure. In addition to that PIM provides a socket for plugging in other measuring devices like a blood analyzer. The results are automatically sent to the respective medical institution. If necessary, the patient can then easily be contacted for further examination.
  • PIM informs patients about upcoming events, such as the doctor’s arrival or a physio-therapeutic session and reminds them of the medication they are supposed to take. Pressing the “OK” button sends a confirmation signal.
  • If help is needed, a patient wearing PIM only has to press the emergency buttons –  PIM informs paramedics of his location and current vital signs.
  • PIM is able to read the displayed information aloud. So even patients with poor reading skills or bad sight are able to get all the information needed.
  • Authorized medical personnel can add, edit and delete the data concerning each patient via a web interface or their proper administration software.

One of the main benefits of PIM is that doctors and nurses save their important time which they would spend on routine check-ups.
Patients on the other hand get more information depending on their location and regarding their current state. Also PIM makes it possible to go home earlier because routine examinations are done by PIM.

PIM can be transferred to other fields of medical institutions like old peoples homes.
Also PIM could be a part of a whole system for medical use. Including tablets, PIM, a central server and multiple hospitals. This would make it possible for the medical staff to have all important information everywhere at every time.

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