Vitro – VIsual Table Reservation and Ordering

Videoprototype, WS1213

VITRO stands for Visual Table Reservation and Ordering System. A visual representation of all the tables in a restaurant is implemented to support the management and service.Guests are able to choose the table for their romantic dinner with VITRO. The seamless integration of reservation and booking orders in one central system simplifies working processes across multiple instances: Management, service personnel and customers.

A single database stores the status of the restaurant tables and their corresponding ordered items at any given time. Context-sensitive interfaces provide personalized functionalities for each user group.

Ultimately this decreases the number of mistakes caused by human failure. The system prevents double occupancy and comes with tight coupling of the ordering process and the visual layout of the restaurant. Thus boosting business potential.

In the future the collected data might be used to provide a personalized dining experience for regulars. With the advance of technology one might utilize augmented reality to guide the staff in large restaurants, even connect customers’ names with their faces and eating habits.

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