User Research: Treatment for adolescent addicts.

Group 07, User Research, WS1314

Picture taken during the interview.

How did we get here?

After some qualms with finding a willing “user” we could research, we found ourselves at an ambulant treatment center for adolescent addicts. We had visited a pharmacy the day before. Some of our team (ok, it was just me) were a little anxious about the interviews, but our contact partner proved very forthcoming and we were set up very quickly.

Since we had two people who were up for interviews, we split into two groups of three; one led the interview, one took notes and the third took pictures. After the introduction, the interview proceeded effortlessly, we had agreed on a semi-structured interview form, and even though I put away my interview questions after a while, our interviewee answered everything we had planned on asking him.

We’re currently in the process of finishing up our protocol and sorting out the good pictures from the bad. Looking back, I’m pretty glad we used multiple recorders – mine turned out to have sub-optimal playback quality.

See you next time!

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