User Research: Post Distribution Centre

Group 03, User Research, WS1314

Due to our helpful contact person at the Post Distribution Centre, we had the possibility of gaining comprehensive insight into the daily workmanship of tons of letters, magazines and broadsheets. We were there from 8 in the morning until 4 pm, so we had a lot of time to observe and interview the staff so as to understand the workflow and possibly detect problems within.

Gruppe 3 - Post

First, our contact person, the postmaster, gave us a review of the daily cycle of receiving the post, sorting it according to the postal code, and partly, bringing it into the order of route so that the postman does not have to do this at his locker.
Then we were introduced to the big sorting machines and the types of work that utilized these machines. While some of us interviewed the employees who were in charge of operating these machines, at the same time, others helped with the work so as to experience the workflow. Through observation and interviews with the workers and technicians, we were able to achieve detailed knowledge on how the machines work, as well as how to operate them theoretically.

We were impressed at the efficiency of the process cycle and the ergonomic design of many of the machines, but we are looking forward to finding new concepts to make it even better.

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