User Research: Bavarian Avalanche Centre

Group 01, User Research, WS1314

In a series of three blog posts we are going to present the results of our practical course ‘Concept Development’. We will blog about typical phaces of the design process, which in our case are user/field research, concept evaluation and the presentation of a video prototype. As a first step we will run interviews on our target research group to gather all kind of information. Then we are going to do some data analysis in order to evalute a concept/prototype. Finally we will present our final prototype in a video presentation.

User Research

This year our target research audience are public services in general. After doing some brainstorming we chose the Bavarian Avalanche Centre (BAC) for conducting our user research.

After setting up an appointment we were meeting up last Tuesday at the BAC to run our interviews. Equipped with cameras, recorders and our prepared semi-structured interviews, we split up into three groups surveying three workers in total. Additionaly we’ve gathered much information about the software which is being used and about the overall workflow producing the avalanche report. All in all we’ve spent about three hours asking our questions and doing our data collection.


As a next step we will now analyse all the data and try to evaluate a prototype or concept from it.

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