User Research: BRK

Group 10, User Research, WS1314

A matter of life and death – nothing less than their daily routine.
It is therefore all the more important that any device can be handled without hesitation or margin for error.

That is why we decided to visit the BRK during the user research phase. We wanted to gain an insight to their work and explore possible design spaces.

As a start, we were shown around the building, seeing all the equipment used for inventory and administration. We also got to get a look at the different vehicles.

After that, we got the chance to conduct the interviews where we tried to cover as many different domains as possible.
Interviewing an emergency doctor, two paramedics, a medical volunteer and the responsible for public relations, we hoped to gather information from different points of view.
Especially interesting was the inventory of the rescue vehicles: The staff showed us all of the life saving equipment and explained in detail, how the data is communicated to other devices and the hospital.

In the following phases, we are going to analyse the collected data and hopefully be able to develop a concept that could provide a real additional value to the BRK.
We are excited to see what the data analysis will reveal.Image

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