User Research – Emergency Services in Action

Group 09, User Research, WS1314

BRK Dachau

Tuesday morning — 6:15 a.m.

The rescue service of the BRK-Dachau is getting ready for the next shift. We followed them over the course of two days to experience their daily routines and situations.

For our field study in the medical sector, we focused on an evaluation of the service touchpoints in the emergency service and had a closer look at the interaction between the emergency room (Klinikum Bogenhausen), the administration (BRK-Dachau) and the paramedics (BRK-Dachau).

For this purpose, we observed the activities within the administration of the BRK-Dachau, attended a course of instruction for a handheld PC for use in the medical sector, and interviewed the head of the emergency room of the Klinikum Bogenhausen.

All in all, the field research days were full of exciting experiences and — given the already high technical standards — we are looking forward to evaluating the information we gathered.


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