User research: “On Fire”

Group 06


Being a firefighter isn‘t an easy job. You have to wear heavy equipment and be quick in it, you need to know a great amount of things to not hurt yourself or others when you‘re on mission and always be prepared.

We spoke with a professional fireman, who gave us a perfect insight on the life of a fire department, how every area works, how the system of any emergency call works and also about the problems that exist.

The following two days we had a tour around the voluntary fire brigade of Puchheim and another tour around the voluntary brigade of Munich and learned even more. About the differences between professional and voluntary fire brigade for instance, but more importantly we saw all the equipment they have and had them explained to us. And as a surprise we experienced what happens when there is a fire and the beeper is switched off. Now even without having analyzed our interviews yet, we already have some ideas for something to help our brave saviors and to facilitate their hard work at least a little bit.

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