Concept: “BuddyGuard”

Group 06

In the past two days we have analyzed our interviews, we made an affinity diagram and structured our ideas, thought a lot, structured our ideas again and came up with a concept to improve and facilitate the communication between the fireman who is in charge of the respiratory monitoring and the fireman on mission.

Our solution is called ‘BuddyGuard‘ and is an attachment to the manometer. You just plug it in and it constantly sends your information (pulse, position, O2-pressure, time, temperature) to the respiratory-monitoring-fireman. The BuddyGuard gets its information from different kinds of sensors such as a GPS-chip, a heart-rate-monitor-watch, and directly from the oxygen tank.

Today we worked out a storyboard describing the basic use case in six frames. It shows how you can effectively relieve the radio traffic to ensure a better communication between every participant with just one simple additional device and increase safety.


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