Concept: BattlePad

Concept, Group 05, WS1314

Chaotic, loud and humorous we worked ourselves through the evaluation and design processes presented by Kalle Kormann-Philipson.

While analyzing our gathered User Data, we decided to enhance the tablets used by the firefighters of the Volunteer Fire Department during their operations. With our custom-designed tablet casing, the delicate devices are protected against water and humidity, heat, dust, chemicals and damage caused by physical force like pressure or falling.

In addition, we provide enhanced battery lifetime, an non-slip case structure and a multi-touch surface which can be operated while wearing heavy duty protection gloves.

We hope to provide a solution which helps firefighters to utilize the benefits of modern devices in their everyday work without having to worry about the hazardous environments harming their equipment. Information-gathering, communication between units and departments, as well as administrating the operation on the scene, is made significantly easier.


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