Concept: Readify

Concept, Group 04, WS1314

After analyzing past week’s interviews we found that most fire stations have a major problem organizing the amount of man power they need. In case of an emergency all firemen get called in by pager and text message. The problem is that often they don’t need that many people. During the week we tried to find a good concept for solving this problem using several methods. The solution we came up with is called readify. It’s an app all firefighters will have on their smartphone. When they get called in, instead of getting a text message, they will get a push notification. After opening the app they will be able to see some information about the alarm as well as who’s already at the station and who’s on the way there. They’ll also be able to accept or decline. When arriving at the station the app will automatically sign the user in using geo fences. This way there won’t be any situations where a hundred firefighters try to get a cat off a tree.


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