A.R.E.S – Armed for Emergency

Group 02, Videoprototype, WS1314

Inspired by our user research at the BRK training facilities we came up with a possible solution for more realistic emergency simulations.

Having defined and rethought our idea last week we now concretized the concept by creating a video prototype.
To emphasize the benefits of A.R.E.S. (abbr. Augmented Reality Emergency Simulator) we decided to compare old fashioned education methods with our innovative simulation tool.
It allows the user to train emergencies within a virtual environment.
The trainee is provided with physical artifacts to interact with; and a pair of glasses to display the virtual setting.


What are the benefits?

  • more realistic training exercises
  • less expensive than outdoor training
  • easy access
  • trigger events during simulation from outside

Potential for the future?

Although an implementation is technically possible already, we put our faith in the rapid advance in technoligy.
We assume that within the next few years A.R.E.S. could be implemented creating an even more realistic result.

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