Videoprototype: AVALOG

Group 01, Videoprototype, WS1314

In our previous blog posts were were describing our overall concept by introducing AVALOG. This week we were further finalizing our idea and developed a first prototype. We’ve started with a HTML mockup and improved it in multiple iterations. Finishing by the end of this week we produced a video-prototype which represents AVALOG.

Why is there a need for AVALOG?

There are many observers in the field who support the Bavarian Avalanche Centre with important facts about the avalanche situation of a certain area. Though, this data is not exchanged digitally between both parties. Still, the centre is calling every single observer and asks for the information. The gathered data is then being integrated into the
avalanche report, so that late phone calls lead to stressful situations, as the report has to be published within fixed time frames.

What is AVALOG?

We replace the phone call by providing AVALOG – an application which enables the observer to push the gathered data directly to the Bavarian Avalanche Centre. There’s no need for time consuming phone calls anymore – with AVALOG the observer doesn’t need to wait for the call and the other party in return doesn’t need to phone every single observer. As a result the avalanche report can be published much faster.

How does it work?

From the observer’s perspective:

Once all related data (e.g. snow depth, snow surface, temperature, etc.) are gathered, Karl just fires up AVALOG and enters the necessary information.


From the Bavarian Avalanche Centre’s perspective:

Worker Peter first logs into AVALOG and sees directly that Karl has sent its report.

However AVALOG reminds Peter, that there are still some reports missing. In that case Peter would call candidates, who haven’t sent their reports yet.


What are the benefits?

AVALOG provides the following benefits for the Bavarian Avalanche Centre:

  • Improves workflow by parallelized data gathering
  • Saves time by replacing the phone call
  • Simplifies tasks with automated data highlighting
  • Faster publishing of the avalanche report

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