Videoprototype: “BuddyGuard”

Group 06, Videoprototype, WS1314

BuddyGuard fills the existing gap that causes problems during communication and coordination between firemen and the respiratory control unit. These problems can lead to severe difficulties during operations or even cause fatal injuries.

Time and fluent communication are crucial for the success of every operation. BuddyGuard implements possibilities for instant feedback and constant data flow between the firemen on mission and the coordination unit. Via a portable, detachable response module which can be attached to every existing manometer, all important data like remaining oxygen or vital functions are measured and sent immediately to the control tablet.

Additionally the response module helps the firefighter to get accurate feedback about his current vital functions to raise self awareness and ease decision making processes.

An integrated automated alarm system helps both firemen and control unit to recognize dangerous situations, minimize risks and solve problems mentioned above.


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