Video Prototype: Das Elektronische Rezept, Presto

Group 07, Videoprototype, WS1314

Presto is a digital prescription service, aimed to make prescriptions easier, more efficient and more secure. It allows prescriptions to be issued on-the-go and reduces red tape.

In essence, presto is similar to the physical prescription, only made digital. Prescriptions are issued in an online database, and can be accesssed by presenting proper identification to pharmacies. It also allows physicians to notify pharmacies of their customers arrival, making preparation easier.

Through Presto, patients don’t need to visit physicians offices anymore to get prescriptions re-issued. The doctor can issue a prescription while on the phone. This will reduce bureaucratic efforts by pharmacies, who have to keep tedious records of prescription medicine sales. Making those records digital will drastically improve workflow.

This approach will provide a more secure prescription system, making fradulent prescriptions a thing of the past. The approach is also highly automatable since many pharmacies are in the process of installing automatic sorting systems for their inventory as we speak. Coupled with the inventory database, this would allow the physician to reserve a specific treatment, setting it aside for quick pick up, all with no work required by the pharmacist.

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