User Research – A day at a security service

Group 05, User Research

We visited Ehrl Sicherheit – a security service – where emergency messages from about 10.000 observed objects  are running together.

Foto 3

They receive messages from alarm systems (in case of fire, burglary ore anything else), hold contact with their security service field workers and will be the persons you talk to when you get stuck in an elevator. After passing a security checkpoint, we got an one hour long guided tour trough the complete working space.


We found ourselves in the operating center of their security guidance system, with giant monitorwalls (that currently showed the whole building from the outside) and 6 workingspaces, just designed for the needs of an 12 hours straight working security operator.  We were told that they receive about 40.000 messages a day but just 8000 important messages that have to be processed by the operators – that means 78 messages per operator per hour . The workspace of each operator consists of 3 monitors, 2 telephones, two keyboards and one mouse. Maybe something to improve? Before we were able to start working with our interview partners we were forced to sign non-disclosure agreement. We had the chance to interview five employees from three different departments. So we had a pretty comprehensive impression of the work at Ehrl Sicherheit.


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