User Research: Bahnhofsmission

Group 06, User Research, WS1415

In the last few days we had the chance to visit the Bahnhofsmission Munich at central station. We interviewed and observed five employees to learn about their everyday work. The interviews took place during work, both at noon and at night.


The Bahnhofsmission Munich is a 24/7 contact point and often last resort for people who require help, e.g. travellers who were robbed, people with addiction problems, homeless people, women who flee from violent partners, people who need clothes, medical help, somebody to talk to or just a quiet place to sit. Over 130 volunteers and a few full-time employees take care of these people and their problems in a non-bureaucratic way.

Depending on the specific needs, they redirect their clients to appropriate organizations, serve free drinks and sandwiches and offer women a place to sleep on the premises, among many other services.

Through our interviews there we could gain some insight into the organization’s financial, technical and organizational challenges. We have gathered enough information in audio and documentation to be able to develop a concept to improve the daily work routine of these warmhearted employees.

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