Concept: Fire Strap Pro

Concept, Group 10, WS1415

During the last couple of days we started analyzing our data which we collected during the previous, User Research phase. Using tools like affinity diagramming and HMWs (how might we…?) which were introduced by Kalle and Alex, we came up with various ideas to improve the processes at “Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gauting”.


The final outcome was the concept to reduce the time needed for an individual member of the “freiwillige Feuerwehr” to get from his current location to the fire brigade station. We want to reduce the effects of traffic jams and other restraints
of public road traffic with a blue flashing light. As we also worked out that such a device would endorse opportunities for misuse we came up with an idea to prevent this kind of misbehaviour. With an unlock-mechanism which is controlled by the operations centre we guarantee that the blue flash light can only be turned on in case of emergency.

As a device we chose a bracelet which we named Fire Strap Pro. Technologies in use are GSM and Bluetooth.


Our ultimate goal: getting fast and without unnecessary risk to the operation despite of traffic jams and other restraints using a flashing blue light that can be unlocked individually. No opportunity for misuse and more time to save lives.

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