Concept Phase – enhanced Keyboard Solution for an emergency guidance system

Concept, Group 05

After visiting the security company Ehrl we gathered our collected information and started brainstorming for problems with using the system and possible improvements to shorten the process time and overall reaction period for the next incoming alert. We used the presented techniques like an Affinity diagram, HMW questions, an Opportunity Mind Map, NABC Analysis and Scenarios. After all we created some storyboards with our focused Use-cases which involved improving the existing main working tool, the keyboard.


Through all the Brainstorming iterations we zoomed-into our collected key features: simplifying the keyboard usage by guiding the operator through optical support and reducing wrong inputs by deactivating non necessary keys. We also wanted to eliminate double keyboard allocations and complex shortcuts by separating the video system controls from the keyboard. The next step will include finding a suitable name for our product, building the video prototype and demonstrating the benefits in a casual day working flow.

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