CONCEPT | TakeYourTime – Time taking without taking time

Concept, Group 03, WS1415


With many insights from the user research phase we gathered back to our fountain of creativity, named Raum C007.

Led by guest speaker Kalle Kormann-Philipson (User Experience Designer), we gained several, very powerful tools to develop our concept, named TakeYourTime.

Our affinity diagram helped us grasp the breadth of our previously analyzed data. We identified one core need: reducing the complexity of time tracking.

“How might we?” questions made us consider new aspects, which we worked out into an opportunity diagram. Through that we figured out the core components of our final concept.

Freddy the forester guided us through varying scenarios of time tracking in the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry. We presented our different scenarios, supported by three creative storyboards, in the continuous format of a story.

We are looking forward to work our approach into a unforgettable and spectacular video prototype.

TakeYourTime – Time taking without taking time!


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